Monday, May 24, 2010

Raising Funds for World Vision

On Friday the 20th May Room 1 raised money for the World Vision Famine Appeal. Each child brought money to donate. We cooked rice for morning tea and at lunchtime Shkuru , Hamish's Mum, came and cooked pilau for our lunch. Pilau is a dish they cook in Africa for special occasions. She fried rice, onion, garlic and spices and then added water. It was yummy.
Shkuru comes Tanzania. She told us that she was lucky as she only had to walk 10km to school each day. Some children had to walk 20km, they ran all of the way. They would stop at the river and drink the water. They didn't take lunch to school but sometimes they took beans or seeds. She has just been back to the school -they have 900 children in six classes. The children sit on the floor. Hamish and his family raised money to buy them books and pens. We felt very lucky to have enough food, water and good schooling!
Our class raised $583 for World Vision.

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