Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautifying Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust Nursery at Company Bay

On Wednesday the 19th of May Room 1 went to the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust Nursery to paint wildlife images on the buildings.
First we designed our pictures, they were mainly of Yellow Eyed Penguins, albatrosses and some seals.
Next one of the Nursery volunteers, the two managers of the Nursery and the ranger
painted hills,sand,rocks,sky and sea.
After that it was time for the painting at the Nursery. First we did an outline in chalk, then we had morning tea, now it was time to put on the paint. We spent almost two and a half hours painting!
When we had finished it looked brilliant! The Nursery workers really liked the way it turned out.
We had so much fun!

By Harry.


Alison and Andy Cunningham said...

Fabulous work from the artistic kids of Room 1! We volunteers had a fun morning working with you all, it certainly made an interesting change that our gardening gloves are all covered in paint instead of potting mix. Your murals will make us smile every time we go to the trust: thank you! It would be good if some of your friends and parents came along to the trust to have a look at your work - Margaret, Anita and Leith are always pleased to chat to visitors about the good work that the trust is doing to help Yellow Eyed Penguins on the peninsula and further afield.

Well done to Paula and your lovely Principal for making it happen - now we've all got to know each other, we look forward to taking you out on a planting day some time soon.

Best wishes from Alison & Andy Cunningham

PS Don't forget to help the yellow eyed penguins by collecting your barcodes from Mainland butter & cheese - see Harry Fraser for details!

Harry said...

Hello Room 1,
Well done everyone for your wonderful efforts at the Nursery last week. It was a lovely day and I was glad to be a part of it. Your murals look fabulous and brighten up the Nursery. You did amazingly well in transferring your images from paper into paintings on the walls. It was a difficult task but you all manged the varying scales so well. I know that Margaret, Anita and Leith will enjoy their surroundings each day. As will the volunteers. Remember to take your parents and friends to have a look at your mural. I am sure that Anita and Margaret will be pleased to see you and to show your parents around the Nursery.
Thank you again for a wonderful project. I hope that you and the school keep up the contact you now have with the Nursery and the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust. Remember to encourage your folks to purchase Mainland butter and cheese so that you can pass the bar codes on to Harry. Each bar code donates $1 to the Trust. Keep cool till after school-Paula (Harry's mum)

Room2 said...

WOW.... this looks great! Fantastic effort Room 1.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to visit us Room 1. I really enjoyed showing you around the Nursery. It gives me great joy to come to work each morning and have those lovely pictures to welcome me. I hope you have managed to bring some family back to show them what a great job you have done.
I am really impressed with your knowledge on all the animals you painted. I think there may be some budding zoologists, botanist and marine biologists among you. Hope to see you all again very soon.
Cheers Anita

Margaret said...

Hey Room 1
Those are some great photos on your blog. Thanks so much for putting them on so quickly. We will have more photos on our YEPT website soon so will let you know. You guys are just to quick for us!

Thanks again for all your hard work. It is a pleasure to drive up to work and see all the lovely paintings. Brings a smile to my face every time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 1
Thanks for the fabulous job you did with the artwork at the Trust's nursery last week. I know it gives Anita and Margaret a smile everytime they drive into the gate.
You were an awesome bunch to work with and your talents are obvious to see by the wonderful drawings you all did. I know some of you found it more difficult than others, so it was a great way for all of you to learn from each other and give us a wonderful gift of art at the same time.
And remember to keep buying the Mainland cheese and butter to help the Trust - I am sending you all some wallcharts for collecting the barcodes, so watch out for them to be delivered.
Thanks heaps again

Sue Murray
YEPT General Manager

Harrys nan said...

Well done Room 1 what a great day for all you artistic boys and girls the art work is wonderful,I for one will be informing all my friends to come along and see the great work at the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust also encouraging them to collect the bar codes from Mainland butter & cheese.

Anita said...

Hi room 1. Its Anita from the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust Nursery. I just thought I would let you know that this weekend we are planting trees here on the Otago Peninsula to make nesting sites for Yellow-eyed Penguins. If you and your family would like to join us here is the information;
Community Conservation Day: Sunday 6 June at Okia Reserve (Victory Beach), Otago Peninsula
Meet at Dick Road carpark at 10:30am, or meet at Bayfield inlet carpark 10:00am to carpool (please advise if this is your intention)
Bring spade, lunch and drink, warm clothing, wet weather gear.
Thanks again for the lovely paintings. They are still looking great! Cheers

Rosemary said...

I enjoyed looking at these pictures and cannot wait to see the paintings in person! I'm currently visiting my family in Pittsburgh PA where the weather is warm and we're enjoying long summer days. I'll be back in Dunedin on June 16th...thanks so much for all your creative work.
Rosemary DeVere

Lala said...

I live in Broad Bay and when the road was closed we had to detour down Castlewood Rd. Suddenly a bright painted area on the right caught our eyes. What was it? We stopped on the side of the road to see and were amazed to see hills, trees, penguins, albatrosses and other wildlife on the walls of some buildings. We detoured up McTaggart St to look at it more closely and discovered that what had been a set of drab buildings in the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust Nursery had been transformed into a vibrant depiction of our fabulous Otago Peninsula environment. Congratulations Room 1. Your work is truly stunning and will remind the people doing boring jobs there like potting up plants just what they are doing it for.
Lala Frazer
Broad Bay