Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shikuru came to talk to us about life in Tanzania.

Shikuru came to talk to us about life in Tanzania.
Tanzania is in East Africa.

The main city is called Dar es Salaam
The main language in Tanzania is Swahili.
Her village is about 8 hours drive from the capital.
Her village is called Kondoa, her tribe is Warangi. Her tribal language is Kirangi
About 3,000 people live in Konda
A lot of people are unemployed in East Africa, they don’t have a lot of money and the government doesn’t help them.
They make things to sell.

African Culture
Music and dance are part of everyday life in Tanzania.
Men use drums often and the women dance.
Both men and women sit around and sing together.

Visual art is in their everyday lives in the form of jewellery.
The wear lots of bright beads, bangles and necklaces and some have a lot of body piercing.
Both men and women wear colourful kanga ( like sarongs)

They also make jandals from recycled tyres and make the colourful with beads

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